Reigate Grammar School DofE

Expedition instructions

Steps to planning your expedition…

Before you start!

  • You must attend all expedition training and planning sessions.  
  • It is not SAFE to go on expeditions without planning and preparing for them, so that’s why we insist you turn up!
  • It is not possible to “catch up” or do planning or training at some other time.  
  • Listen to staff and award leaders regarding planning advice
  • If you wish to do a DofE expedition at RGS then attendance at planning is absolutely necessary.


  1. Write group NAMES on expedition envelope pack. Return this pack to a teacher after every sessions.
  2. Plan ROUTES on maps issued: one map per person (draw spaced pencil circles and include check points)
  3. ROUTE CARD: complete route-card-2017 : one per day; one set of route cards per group.
  4. AIM: Write a note outlining your expedition AIM and add it to the route card.
  5. KIT LIST: Write a full kit list: ONE per person: talk about your group kit: who is responsible for what? Who is carrying what (stove, tent, gas, food etc)?
  6. MENU: Write ONE menu per tent group. Make plans to share the buying and carrying of food together.
  7. GREEN FORMS: GOLD qualifying only: complete Green Forms
  8. KIT CHECK:  bring the following for checking: walking boots, waterproof jacket, waterproof over-trousers, weatherproofed (covered) map in map case (one each), route cards in map case (one per group), compass.  Staff will tick off that you have presented appropriate items that are adequate for the expedition. At GOLD you may be required to bring more kit for checking.

Complete all the above by the deadline issued.

At the end of steps 1-8 you will be required to attend some compulsory briefings on safety and kit and final instructions. 

AFTER your expedition: write a debrief REPORT presentation on the template linked here, refer to your AIM: once finished, upload THIS as your presentation to your expedition eDofE page expedition-report-new-template-2016


Planning instructions: Expedition planning instructions

Download your allocated route:

roverdene a (1)

high ashurst b (1)

boidierhurst c (1)

nutley dean d (1)

park farm e (1)


Instructions Expedition planning instructions for ALL levels 2015

Download your allocated route.

Training Routes Surrey Hills: (June)

Qualifying ROUTES south downs below: (October)


Please see planning materials issued by our expedition provider, Expeditions Wales.


Refer to the RGS Expedition Guide for more details and advice on all aspects of your expedition.

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