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Welcome to the DofE dates page.     Please keep dates free if you wish to do expeditions with us.

We try to avoid clashes with other RGS trips but cannot avoid all of them.

If you cannot do an expedition, please see dofe staff as soon as possible.  There are some limited options in these circumstances including either doing it next year or with an external activity provider.

Please remember, to pass DofE expeditions, RGS students must…

1. Attend planning meets, complete planning by deadlines and pass a minimum of 2 expeditions i.e. training and qualifying.  Some groups may be required to complete more training (e.g. due to deferral: see PERKY 2017 expedition rules).  This is not a punishment, it’s to ensure the safe operation of expeditions for everyone.

2. Complete the entire expedition and carry their own equipment… late drop offs or early pick ups would mean they do NOT pass that expedition and would have to do another one at another time.

3. Complete their previous awards… RGS dofe students must earn their Bronze Award to continue with Silver and must pass Silver to continue with Gold. 

4. Carry their own equipment.  Students unable to do this should talk to staff to get advice on light weight equipment or consider canoeing or cycling as an expedition option.  

For more information please read our expedition FAQs here 20 FAQs RGS DofE expedition information for students and parents

If you have any questions about dates, please contact me

Expedition schedule


dates news:

GOLD: NEW DATES FOR GOLD from 2018: Gold practice will now take place in May Half Term starting in 2018. Gold qualifying will then take place at the very end of summer term in early July.

SILVER: 4th year practice expeditions after internal exam in June, after exams; 5th year qualifying expeditions through first weekend of October half term: please note that 5th year students wishing to go on the Classics trip will need to check dates carefully to avoid potential clashes.  A choice between them might have to be made.

BRONZE: practice through May bank holiday weekends; qualifying expeditions in October activities day weekend before half term.

Note: canoe expedition dates are usually similar to these but canoe and cycle and horse riding necessarily involve additional training on various additional weekend dates usually through Spring term. Dates for these will be issued to these groups separately.

Expedition Dates


Bronze expedition first aid training March 7, 17, 23 and 28 4-5pm RGS.

Deadline for DofE awards to be completed (4-6th Year) 10 March

Deadline for summer dofe expedition planning: 17 March

Conservation day for 3rd Year Bronze volunteers: March 28

RGS Annual Award Presentation Thursday 27 April (invites go out to those who pass by deadline in March)

Bronze training 3rd Year April 30 – May 1 (Bank Holiday Monday)

Silver training for 4th form 25-27 June

Conservation Day for 3rd Year Bronze volunteers July 3

Gold L6 training S Wales 1-4 July (amended)

Gold Mid-Wales qualifying 12-16 August

Bronze 4th year qualifying expeditions 6 -7 October

Silver 5th Year qualifying expeditions 13 – 15 October South Downs

L6 Gold Night Hikes November 10

Conservation Day 4th years December 12 (term ends Dec 15)


Bronze expedition first aid training (3rd years) March 6, 13, 20 and 27 4-5pm

DEADLINE for all dofe awards to be completed (4-6th year) Friday 9 March

Deadline for completing all summer expedition planning Friday 16 March

Bronze 3rd year conservation day Tuesday 27 March

RGS Annual Award presentation evening 7-9pm Weds 25 April

Bronze practice expedition for new 3rd Years 6-7 May (bank holiday on Monday 7 May)

Extra Bronze expedition (mop-up/invite ONLY) Friday 25- Saturday 26 May (start of half term)

GOLD canoe expedition L6 Sat 26-Tues 29 May

GOLD practice hiking expedition (new dates for 2018) 29 May – 1 June half term

Silver practice (for new 4th year Silvers) Sunday 24- Tuesday 26 June

Bronze Conservation Day Monday 2 July

Gold qualifying expedition 2-6 July

GOLD canoe qualifying expedition August 23-26

Bronze qualifying expedition (4th Year) Friday 5 – Saturday 6 October 2018

Silver qualifying expeditions (5th Year) Friday 12 – Sunday 14 October 2018


(these dates are proposed only and tbc, do not use for family holiday booking purposes)

Bronze practice expeditions 5-6 May 2019

Bronze extra expedition 24-25 May 2019

GOLD practice hiking expeditions 28-31 May 2019

Silver practice expedition 4th year 24-26 June 2019

GOLD qualifying hiking expedition 1-5 July 2019

RGS students must finish Bronze to continue with Silver and must finish Silver to continue with Gold.

Please remember that expeditions are not package holidays.  Expedition dates are subject to change due to the vagaries of weather, transport, accommodation, camp site venues and mountainous environments.  We may have to go later, return earlier or abandon trips entirely (e.g. foot n mouth and Storm Jude).  The dates above are posted in good faith and as early as possible to help participants and families organise their RGS dofe scheme.  If dates change, we will try to let people know as soon as possible.  Please contact me for the latest updates on future hike dates before booking family holidays so clashes can be avoided.  Please co contact me if you have any questions about dates. Many thanks,

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